Commercial Signs Copiague

Some styles of commercial signs are pole, illuminated, monument, sidewalk and directional. All of these are beneficial for companies throughout Copiague and beyond. Talk to Regional regarding your needs for size, material, shape or style.

Depending on regulations in Copiague, the outdoor sign can be more creative and as a result spark attention. Large dimensions, vertical shape, or bright colors against a darker backdrop are factors to consider. In an ideal situation there should be very little graphics next to the commercial sign, as this will cause distraction. Check out the Alpha Collison and Auto Repair sign. The border matches the frames on the building. Most of the lettering matches as well. Company name and bullet points on their services.

Before choosing colors, look at a sampling of your competitors. Contrast and compare. This way you can get a better idea of what works and what does not work. Just be careful not to replicate someone else's design. You need something unique. And Regional will be here whenever you are ready.