Outdoor Signs

Types of outdoor signs in Long Island include pole, illuminated, monument, sidewalk, directional and much more. All of these styles benefit businesses in Suffolk and Nassau. Talk to us about your preferences for size, material, shape and style.

If there are not strict regulations in your town, a Long Island outdoor sign can be more creative and as a result garner more attention. Aspects to consider include an outdoor sign with very large dimensions, vertically shaped, or bright colors against a darker backdrop. Ideally, there should be as little as possible next to a Nassau county ourdoor sign that is unrelated to your business, as this could cause distraction.

Before selecting colors to use for your outdoor sign, view a sampling of signage by your competitors. This way you will see an idea of what works, while preventing duplication of a competitor’s design or color pattern. Within local law, a unique and powerful color scheme will grab more attention than an ordinary name, phrase or logo.

Throughout our country alone, many signs have been designated as historical landmarks. This includes the Fabulous Las Vegas sign, the Hollywood sign and the Chicago Theater sign. While those are unique, there are also ubiquitous large signs like the one for McDonald's. With the original intent to simply identify a location, some outdoor signs have been created in such a way that they have become much more than just a product. Now they are an attraction.