Illuminated Signs

Nassau and Suffolk illuminated signs have significant advantages over signs with no lighting. Our illuminated business signs stand out at night if you are open and have a similar effect during the day. An interesting Long Island illuminated business sign will be remembered by potential new customers after your business or store is closed. Though not initially intended, it could even help an emergency service quickly find your location at night during a storm.

Your company or business' custom illuminated sign, whether it’s in Wantagh, Amityville, Lindenhurst, Babylon or Brooklyn, can also be for the interior. An interior illuminated sign may not need to be a name or logo, but rather to attract a specific service or brand.

If there are not strict regulations in your town, an illuminated Long Island sign can be more creative and as a result garner more attention. Aspects to consider include a Suffolk county illuminated sign with very large dimensions, vertically shaped, or bright colors against a darker backdrop. Ideally, there should be as little as possible next to the Nassau county illuminated sign that is unrelated to your business, as this could cause distraction.