LED Signs

Animated outdoor graphics or words across LED signs in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens and Brooklyn will always attract attention. Whether it’s for an ad, a business, special event, or school, LED signs in highly populated areas will be seen by hundreds of people every day and night. This includes the sign at the right, which is missing an "E".

If there are not strict regulations in your town, an outdoor Long Island LED sign can be more creative and as a result garner more attention. Aspects to consider include a Suffolk County LED sign with very large dimensions, vertically shaped, or bright colors against a darker backdrop. Ideally, there should be as little as possible next to the Nassau county LED sign that is unrelated to your business, as this could cause distraction.

What is LED? Glad you asked.

We speak of LED all the time, but not many folks know what those letters mean. Well, it means "light-emitting diode." In recent years, LED has found expanded use in electronics. The first real applications of this luminous technology began in the early 1960s, although its discovery occured a few decades prior.

Today there are endless uses for LED lights and signs. Because these components use low energy and are quite small, they are often seen as indicator lights built into various devices. You have probably seen them as indicators for power levels, errors and malfunctions. On the other end of the spectrum is large displays that consist of hundreds or even thousands of light-emitting diodes.